Simon Bird nearly strangled

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  • 4 October 2012
Simon Bird

Simon Bird

Simon Bird was almost strangled to death by his on-screen brother while filming 'Friday Night Dinner'

Simon Bird was almost strangled to death filming 'Friday Night Dinner'.

The actor was filming scenes for the second series of the sitcom when his on-screen brother, played by Tom Rosenthal, inflicted the injury on him.

He told The Sun newspaper: "We did hurt each other quite regularly. When I hurt Tom, he would get me back on the next take.

"It did escalate. Tom got really into the bit when he is strangling me. There was definitely a moment I thought, 'This is the end', I could see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Simon added he and Tom - who play brothers Adam and Jonny Goodman - regularly used to hurt each other because they wanted to make the scenes look as realistic as possible for the cameras, but it got so bad, on occasion they had to stop filming.

He added: "While acting, you want to make it look real, so when we gave each other dead arms or tried to strangle each other, we did it properly. We did have to stop filming because Tom has a weak knee and one of his ligaments snapped after I jumped on him.

"But it was in the script - I wasn't just doing these things off my own back."

'Friday Night Dinner' returns to Channel 4 on Sunday (07.10.12).

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