Victoria Pendleton 'doesn't recognise' thighs

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  • 4 October 2012
Victoria Pendleton at the launch

Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton doesn't recognise her legs any more because she has lost so much weight training for 'Strictly come Dancing'

Victoria Pendleton doesn't recognise her legs any more.

The Olympic cyclist has shed a huge amount of weight training for 'Strictly Come Dancing' and feels "sad" at the changes to her body.

She said: "I haven't done any serious weight training since the Olympics and I've already lost 4.5kg, mainly from my thighs.

"When I look at my legs, they don't feel like mine any more. It makes me feel a bit sad because I've worked for so many years to get that."

Victoria also insisted that, despite his reputation for being tough, her partner Brendan Cole, is "lovely" to work with and she has been pushed much harder in her sports training.

She told the Evening Standard newspaper: "Everyone said, 'Oh, he's a taskmaster.' He's lovely. Compared with the kind of coaching I've experienced over my lifetime, he's a pussycat.

"He says, 'You've got to step through faster, faster.' And I'm thinking, 'Is that all you've got Brendan? Come on!' His kind of coaching doesn't seem that severe to me. In fact, it's quite gentle."

And the 32-year-old star claimed she isn't worried about anything going wrong in her performances because she will just laugh off her mistakes.

She said: "I don't feel under pressure to perform because this isn't my arena.

"Dancing is not my thing, so if I fall flat on my face I'll just have to laugh and get over it."

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