Susanna Reid has 'thick skin'

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  • 3 October 2012
Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull

Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull

Susanna Reid has said that she has "thick skin" when it comes to social media and describes her job on BBC 'Breakfast' as "brilliant"

Susanna Reid says she has "thick skin."

The TV personality is best known for hosting 'BBC Breakfast' alongside Bill Turnbull and revealed that although she enjoys the world of social media she doesn't take any negative criticism to heart.

Susanna - who has received complaints from viewers about her cleavage being on show in 2010 - says: "I am aware of what people write. I am a great fan of social media, you couldn't operate if you didn't know what people were talking about.

"But I have enormously thick skin. I take on board what I think is useful and ignore the rest."

Susanna is also a mum of three to Finn, Sam and Jack with partner Dominic Cotton who she met on the set of BBC 'Breakfast' and thinks it's "brilliant" to have the whole day to spend with her children.

She explained to: "The fantastic thing about breakfast is you can minimise the amount of time you are not there that the children would notice.

"For a large chunk of it they are asleep early morning. The thing about my work is I am in an amazing, brilliant part-time job."

Susanna is so content with her work that she even enjoys the two hour journey she does twice on Mondays and Tuesdays, adding to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I have to prep for this show and read the books and watch the shows of people coming on. That's a good two hours for each programme.

"Lots of people find work bleeds into home life. Instead I can concentrate on work on the train and then be focused.

"At home I'm totally focused on the family. I am very happy, I have no complaints."

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