Sarah Miller (3 stars)

Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn (Bloomsbury)


The premise of the book is interesting enough: for some unexplained reason a nameless female finds herself with full access to the confused mind of one Gideon Rayburn. Young Gid is just starting at an expensive prep school and the hormones of a 15-year-old virgin are raging. Unfortunately, this scenario is wasted on clichéd characters and a predictable plot. It’s a shame, as events trot along at a decent pace and there’s enough swearing and sex to satisfy most adolescent readers.

But when a guy is faced between the choice of a stunning but shallow girl and the plainer, clever one, you can hear the teen-flick producers gagging for the film rights. It’s a just above average, slightly brain-dead read; and although entertaining, Sarah Miller suffers from a rather patronising attitude towards her readership. The very girly, often whimpering commentary throughout means this is one for the ladies; just don’t expect any great insights into the male adolescent psyche.

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