Eden Court has opening in it sights

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  • 31 August 2007

The curtains are poised to rise on a major theatre project in the Highlands, after a controversial refurbishment which finished late and was £3 million over budget.

Eden Court Theatre is expected to open for business in two months after its £23 million refurbishment.

The project has been dogged by criticism however; as defects were found within the building causing delays and rising costs. It was feared that the theatre would miss the entire Highland Year of Culture celebrations.

Despite this, the theatre is set to open on November 3, with a performance from Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain.

The theatre’s director Colin Marr responded to the critics: “Eden Court was falling down our facilities were so old. Some of our performers were telling us they wouldn’t put up with the dressing rooms much longer.

“When Dionne Warwick came to visit she couldn’t understand the sign in the toilet saying the water in the shower might take 10 minutes to heat up.”

The vice convener of Highland Council Jean Urquhart dismissed critics within the local authority who claimed cash earmarked for the project could have been better spent elsewhere.

“The Highlands without Eden Court would be like porridge without salt,” she said.

Eden Court Theatre and Cinema

Bishop's Road, Inverness, Highland, IV3 5SA

Hosting everything from opera to film to theatre to live music, Eden Court also has a rich life as a space for performing arts classes (more than 60 run each week), offering lessons for dancers, actors and performers of all ages and abilities. The…

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