Kirk Norcross return to TOWIE

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  • 1 October 2012
Kirk Norcross

Kirk Norcross

Kirk Norcross has returned to 'The Only Way is Essex', a year after quitting the show to launch his career as a celebrity

Kirk Norcross has returned to 'The Only Way is Essex'.

The 24-year-old star had left the ITV2 show after its third series in November last year, but made a surprise return last night (30.09.12).

Kirk had previously said he wanted 2012 "to be 'TOWIE' free" but is thought to have returned after his solo TV career failed to take off.

In his first scenes back on the show Kirk was reunited with his father, nightclub owner Mick Norcross, and they seemed to be making up after an argument.

Mick said: "This is the longest we've never spoke for, do you realise that?"

Kirk replied: "Yeah, I know, and I hated every minute of it. The only reason I didn't speak was because I didn't want it to turn into an argument.

Mick then told how he was only hoping for the best for his son, and trying to help him through life.

He added: "I've spent my life trying to guide you because I have years of experience in life, twice as much as you and I'm trying to guide you through that."

Kirk also talked about wanting a career away from his father's business so he can make a name for himself.

He added: "I'd rather find something that I can do for a job and make a career out of it and have that as my thing, working on my own, then be your son - I loved it when we used to go shopping."

Since Kirk left the show, Mick has continued to appear, with many scenes taking place at his Sugar Hut club.

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