EastEnders' Lola Pearce returns to bad girl ways

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  • 1 October 2012
Danielle Harold

Danielle Harold

Teenage mother Lola Pearce risks having baby Lexi taken away from her after she makes a dangerous new friend

'EastEnders' Lola Pearce risks her baby's safety when she goes back to her bad girl ways.

The teen mum jeopardises her relationship with her daughter when she reconciles with her former best friend Alexa, and after a violent altercation, social services attempt to take baby Lexi away from her.

Danielle Harold, who plays troubled Lola on the BBC One soap, said: "It's really awful, because Lola knows they're going to take Lexi away and she has to do something to stop that.

"This isn't Lola's fault, for once. She's been doing the best she can for little Lexi, but everything keeps going wrong. "

Lola begins hanging out with her old friend Alexa from her care home, but the feisty teen soon encourages the young mother to return to her old ways and causes drama when she starts attacking Lola's friend Abi.

Danielle told Inside Soap magazine: "They were really close back then, but when Alexa was fostered, Lola felt like she'd abandoned her. Nevertheless, she's happy to see Alexa - until she starts getting her into trouble."

However, when Lola finally stands up for herself and punches Alexa, the police get involved and she regets her hot headed reaction.

Danielle explained: "It all gets too much, and she makes the right decision by taking Abi's side and helping her. But, of course it turns out to be a very wrong decision as well.

"Lola's never had a proper family, so Lexi means everything to her and she's brilliant with her. The trouble is, she's being monitored very closely, which means she has to say and do the right things."

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