BINTM finalists in shock

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  • 1 October 2012
BINTM's last photoshoot

A preview of the final 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' photoshoot

'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' finalists Anita Kaushik, Emma Grattidge and Letitia Herod were stunned to make it so far in the competition and were determined to prove the judges wrong

Anita Kaushik, Emma Grattidge and Letitia Herod are surprised to be the last contestants standing on 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model'.

The winner of the Sky Living competition will be crowned during tonight's live finale (01.10.12), but the girls are shocked to have even made it to the top three.

Anita enthused: "I never in my life thought that I'd get this far, you go into it expecting the worst. I did always know that I'd either come out really soon or I'd go all the way - and I have gone all the way!"

Welsh beauty Emma exclusively added to BANG Showbiz: "I didn't expect to get this far... but I did bring enough elimination outfits to last until the end so I was prepared! I was hopeful."

The girls were determined to prove to the judges they deserved a chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk during the drama-filled finale.

Youngest contestant Letitia mused: "I don't blame the girls for underestimating me, but I think that because the judges didn't like my pictures as much in later weeks, I was overlooked even though I did have a lot of potential."

Meanwhile, Emma - who was regularly slammed at elimination for being too "boring" - is keen to show her biggest critic Whitney Port she can be a success.

She raged: "I did think it was unfair, I've never been known to be quiet or boring before in my life! I think Whitney had a bit of a grudge against me. I don't know how she could get such a strong opinion on my personality because I didn't talk to her for more than two minutes."

Brunette beauty Anita also lamented her status as the 'dark horse' of the competition, saying: "I got a bit fed of them saying I was the dark horse of the competition. I was like, I've improved enough and I'm the same level as all these girls, so why am I the dark horse?"

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