EastEnders' Michael Moon to abandon baby Scarlett?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 September 2012
Steve John Shepherd

Steve John Shepherd

Troubled father Michael Moon comes close to leaving Walford and his daughter behind as he struggles to cope with being a single dad

Michael Moon will consider abandoning baby Scarlett on 'EastEnders'.

The dysfunctional dad suffers a breakdown after his wife Janine Butcher walks out on him, leaving him panicked about looking after his young daughter alone.

Actor Steve John Shepherd told Inside Soap magazine: "Michael justifies his decision with the fact that he feels incapable of bringing up the child. He doesn't think he'll be a good father or role model for Scarlett, and that forces him to make an extremely rash judgement."

The distraught father turns to ex-girlfriend Roxy in his despair and ends up making a pass at her so she refuses to look after Scarlett in future and suggests he hire a nanny.

Steve explains: "He gets the wrong idea and believes that Roxy's giving out signals that she isn't. Michael's feeling lonely and tormented, and he thinks there's something between him and Roxy. But it's in his head."

"He's giving off vibes of absolute desperation by this point. Michael is vibrating at a high frequency, and anyone who comes into the house can see things aren't very good.

"I don't blame the nanny for not wanting to take the job - even I wouldn't want to look after his daughter!"

Michael comes close to leaving the soap for good, and packs his suitcase ready to leave Walford and Scarlett behind.

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