Robbie Hance tired of X Factor back story

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  • 27 September 2012
Dermot O'Leary

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary

Homeless 'X Factor' hopeful Robbie Hance quit the show because he was "sick" of his back story being talked about so often

'X Factor' hopeful Robbie Hance quit the show because he was "sick" of his back story.

The homeless singer was seen on the weekend's boot camp auditions forgetting his lyrics before leaving the stage, but now he insists he did know the words but had started to think he wasn't good enough to progress and had only got as far as he had because of his personal circumstances.

He said: "I am sure I only made it through because I told the crew I was homeless. That's all anyone spoke to me about.

"No matter how badly my auditions went, they kept putting me through.

"I knew the words but couldn't sing them. I was sick of my stupid back story. So I walked out."

Robbie claimed he asked show chiefs for £15 for food and shelter but had his request refused as they didn't want to show favouritism.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I was freezing cold and malnourished. I asked for £15 but I'd have taken anything for food. But my key worker - assigned before my first filmed audition - told me she couldn't help because it wouldn't be fair on the other contestants on the show. She said it would be favouritism."

A show spokesperson said they had to be "consistent" towards contestants and insisted Robbie had progressed on merit.

The spokesperson said: "While the contestants are in our care we enforce a fair and consistent policy on accommodation, travel and sustenance.

"The welfare of the contestants is always our priority.

"The judges decide which acts are put through to boot camp based on the strength of their performance and Robbie received four yeses."

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