Of Monsters and Men more rock than folk

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  • 26 September 2012
Of Monsters and Men, pic by Tom Oldham

Of Monsters and Men at the Logitech UE launch, pic by Tom Oldham

Of Monsters and Men are "more rock 'n' roll than folk

Of Monsters and Men are "more rock 'n' roll" than folk.

The Icelandic 'Little Talks' band have been compared to folk acts like Mumford and Sons because they use acoustic guitars and have lush vocal harmonies, but singer Ragnar Þórhallsson feels the band's sound is more rock influenced.

Speaking at the UK launch of Logitech's UE range of speakers and headphones, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's hard for me to describe our music. It has folk elements, but it has more rock 'n' roll in it.

"We like being compared to great bands, but we're not like Mumford and Sons, we very much have our own style."

The band performed an exclusive show at London's Village Underground Venue last night (25.09.12) alongside Spector, as part of the Logitech UE launch.

The show was the last night of the group's US and European tour before heading home, and the six piece band impressed the capacity crowd by balancing tender moments with rock crescendos on tracks such as 'Six Weeks', 'Love Love Love' and 'Mountain Sound'.

Ragnar added most of the band's songs - which are sung by himself and Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir - are started on acoustic instruments and built up from there.

He added: "Nanna and I started the songs, writing acoustically, and as the songs developed and became bigger and bigger we added more, then when we did our first demo CD with drums it just clicked."

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