Spencer Matthews' ex joining Made in Chelsea

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  • 26 September 2012
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews' ex-girlfriend, Sophia Sassoon, is joining the cast of 'Made in Chelsea' for the upcoming fourth series of the E4 reality show

Spencer Matthews' ex-girlfriend is joining the cast of 'Made in Chelsea'.

Sophia Sassoon left her work as an actress and model in New York to move to the west London city and she is "very excited" about joining the cast of the E4 reality show - which will also see Spencer return - and she is keen to find a new boyfriend on the programme.

She said: "I am very excited to join 'Made in Chelsea'. I've been enjoying 'the city that never sleeps' for the last three years but now I'm back in Chelsea and can't wait to catch up with old friends.

"I'm single so when it comes to romance, who knows what the future holds?"

The 21-year-old beauty will make her debut in the fourth 'Made in Chelsea' series - which is due to air next month - alongside fellow newcomers Sam Cussins, Stevie Johnson and broker Andy Jordan, who is good friends with current cast member Jamie Laing.

Andy - who wants to set up his own water sports business - is also pals with Sam and Stevie, who are both looking for love on the show.

Sam said: "I'll be looking to take a few ladies on a few dates - will certainly be interesting to see how that goes!"

Stevie added: "I can't wait to mix up the dynamic of the current cast in the new series and I'm looking forward to getting to know one person in particular!"

'Made in Chelsea' star Richard Dinan's girlfriend Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack is also joining the new series and while she feels "intimidated" about starring in the show, she is "really excited" about the opportunity.

She explained: "I joined 'Made in Chelsea' because I believe you should take opportunities when they come out of the blue.

"I met Richard through mutual friends and I'm really excited to see how the summer turns out. I hope I get along well with the rest of the cast, it's a little intimidating, feels like starting a new school!"

The majority of the existing cast are returning for the fourth series including Spencer, Richard and Jamie as well as Cheska Hull, Rosie Rortescue, Ollie Locke, Oliver Proudlock, Louise Thompson and Millie Mackintosh.

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