No Doubt couldn't write songs

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  • 25 September 2012
No Doubt

No Doubt

No Doubt struggled to write hits when they first sat down to create new album 'Push and Shove' together

No Doubt "couldn't write" when they first sat down to create new album 'Push and Shove'.

The 'Settle Down' hitmakers struggled to come up with songs when they decided to work on a new LP, and lead-singer Gwen Stefani admits they had to keep re-recording what they created because they weren't sure about the sound.

She said: "When we first started writing, we couldn't write, and then we finally got inspired and we started writing songs but they were coming slowly, like one at a time ... and after we wrote, like, three songs, we got so excited that we went in and recorded them, just to see where we were at. And then we kept re-recording them, until we got to a place where we felt 'This is it.' "

It wasn't just recording songs the band had problems with - they also couldn't title the album.

She added to MTV News: "With this record, I kept waiting for the title to come, and everyone's like 'What's it going to be?' And up until the very last minute, we didn't have anything. But I wasn't worried about it; because it always appears at a certain point."

Gwen Stefani

More eccentric pop with a hip hop edge from the curiously dressed, former lead singer with No Doubt.

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