James Argent's dirty secret

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  • 21 September 2012
James Argent

James Argent

'The Only Way is Essex' star James 'Arg' Argent is not averse to wearing unclean clothes as long as they smell OK

James Argent doesn't mind wearing dirty trousers as long as he gives them a "quick sniff" first.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star admits he sometimes picks clothes out of the laundry basket, but generally manages to keep his life spotless, thanks to having a cleaner.

Asked what pieces he would take out of the laundry, he said: "Trousers probably. You just have to give them a sniff and check for any stains first.

"I change my sheets pretty regularly, like, every other day. I live at home with my parents but I've got a cleaner, Trudie, who just does my bedroom. She does all my washing and ironing for me as well."

James is also known for his partying antics on the show, and admits there are a few occasions where he has gone completely overboard.

He added: "I was on holiday with Jessica Wright and her brother Josh. I ended up having a few too many in a karaoke bar and projectile vomited in front of loads of people.

"The drunkest I've ever been was probably on a night out at [Essex nightclub] Faces. Everybody was dancing to hip-hop and house music, and I kept trying to grab the mic and sing Frank Sinatra songs."

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