Victoria Pendleton: Strictly is a mental challenge

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  • 21 September 2012
Victoria Pendleton at the launch

Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton describes 'Strictly Come Dancing' as a "mental challenge" as she admits struggling to remember the choreography

Victoria Pendleton describes 'Strictly Come Dancing' as a "mental challenge".

The Olympic cyclist champion has admitted that even though she is physically fit for the competition it is more learning and remembering the moves that has her struggling.

Victoria said: "It's very challenging. Physically not so much accept the fact my feet don't bend the way they're suppose to - years of being tied in cycling shoes isn't very construtive to standing on your tiptoes!

"But just the mental challenge of remembering the choreography is a whole new skill."

When asked if she'll be as competitive about this as she was for winning gold in the women's keirin at the London 2012 Games - where she broke a world record - she replied: "Oh I don't know. It's a bit different really, the level of expectation's a little bit different.

"Obviously cycling is something I've trained for but dancing - not so much."

She added that she hopes she will wake up one morning and be a pro, but "it hasn't happened yet."

Fellow Olympian and 'Strictly' contestant Louis Smith also admitted recently that he is struggling, complaining that his "bum cheeks" are sore.

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