Broadcasters to feel crunch from Apple TV service

  • 30 August 2007

Apple fired a warning shot across the bows of commercial broadcasters yesterday, as it launched its download service in the UK allowing customers to purchase episodes of their favourite shows.

Some 28 series will be on offer through the service, with iTunes customers charged £1.89 for each show. Programmes can be viewed on a PC or Mac, via an iPod or on television with the Apple TV set top box.

Arash Amel, senior analyst and head of broadband media at Screen Digest, said the new service will pose a threat to UK commercial broadcasters attempting to sell paid for content.

“It should also provide a significant challenge to Sky’s attempts to sell downloads via the Sky Anytime platform. The basic concept means that if you miss a show one evening, you can buy it to watch on your iPod on the commute the next day,” he said.

Programmes currently available include Paramount Comedy’s South Park and That 70s Show, as well as MTV’s Pimp My Ride and ABC’s Ugly Betty.

More are expected to follow, said Apple.

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