Chelsee Healey 'devastated' over new Strictly

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 September 2012
Chelsee Healey

Chelsee Healey

Chelsee Healey admits she is finding it hard to think of new people taking part in 'Strictly' because she is still "devastated" it is over for her

Chelsee Healey "can't think" about the new series of 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 24-year-old actress - who was a runner up on the BBC show last year - has admitted that she misses the programme, which launched its 10th series this week, and is unable to think about the new contestants.

She said: "I'm still devastated that 'Strictly' is over for me - so much so that I can't even bring myself to think about a new series at the moment."

Chelsee still dances on occasions thanks to what she learnt on the show, but is still not at a professional level.

The 'Waterloo Road' actress said: "It's part of my life now. I'd love to go professional - but I'd need a few more lessons!"

She has been part of 'Waterloo Road' for the majority of its run since 2006, and admits she is shocked she managed to do 'Strictly' and continue her acting career at the same time.

She told InsideSoap magazine: "When I look back, I don't know how I did 'Strictly', since I was filming 'Waterloo Road' at the time - but when you enjoy something that much, you don't really think about how tired you are."

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