Grimes - Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Tue 28 Aug 2012 (4 stars)

Grimes - Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Tue 28 Aug 2012

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Understated but wonderful set to loud and receptive crowd

Having played her last Scottish date in Glasgow's Berkeley Suite earlier this year as a solo artist, Vancouver's Claire Boucher (aka Grimes, even though there wasn't a note of grime played here) seems to have decided the best way to go full-band is to appear onstage as a tribute to the Top of the Pops style of the early 1990s. To her right stood a man with long blond hair and a black jumpsuit dancing as if he'd been beamed in from a field off the M25 circa 1992, to her left a bald guy with small black shades channelling the twin spirits of Vin Diesel and Right Said Fred's Richard Fairbrass as he limply bashed a drum pad.

In the midst of it all, the silken-voiced Boucher looked overjoyed. Her music is understated but wonderful, a lo-fi electronic reimagining of the same era that her style (bottle-blonde hair, black headband) and accomplices are from, with trippy visuals to match over her stunning signature track 'Oblivion' and much added bass in the build-up to 'Vanessa'. These are rich and textured party sounds, tracks for listening alone or in a crowd as loud and receptive as the one she faced here.

Grimes - Genesis

Grimes - Oblivion

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