Josephine Foster - Blood Rushing (4 stars)

Josephine Foster - Blood Rushing

The psych-folk singer's strongest and most convincing work to date

It feels remiss to call an LP a career-high when an artist such as as Josephine Foster’s genre-defying output spans 19th century German lieder (2006’s Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing), reworkings of Emily Dickinson’s poetry (2010’s Graphic As A Star) and primitive US blues (2005’s Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You). But there’s such a sense of vitality and cohesion on the singer/songwriter’s new album that it feels like her strongest and most convincing work to date.

Colorado-born Foster, a former funeral and opera singer, has recruited a stirring band including her Spanish husband Victor Herrero for this terrific offbeat-Americana anthology. She sounds more at home in her voice, and in these timeless, mythic folksongs, than ever.

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