Deerhoof - Breakup Song (4 stars)

Deerhoof - Breakup Song

Unpredictable and playful mess from San Francisco freak pop trio

Predictably unpredictable, San Francisco freak pop trio Deerhoof threaten a downbeat dissection of doomed relationships in the title, only for Breakup Song to end up resembling a joyful comment on their sideways approach to songcraft – that is, playfully messing with a tune until it sounds so laugh-out-loud screwball, it can’t be by anyone else. ‘There’s That Grin’ weds robotic electro-funk to carnivalesque breakdowns; ‘Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III’ lives up to its moniker’s eccentric Nintendo music promise and more. ‘Flower’ – its warped lounge jazz groove verses bumping into a shiny happy chorus – is trippily hypnotic and yet childlike enough to soundtrack either a round of pass the bong or a game of pass the parcel.

Deerhoof - Breakup Song (Full Album Stream)

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