PAWS - Cokefloat! (3 stars)

PAWS - Cokefloat!

Noisy, fuzz-loving take on American lo-fi from Glasgow trio

The latest Scots to release their debut on Fat Cat, this Glasgow trio don’t have the breakout potential of a Twilight Sad, Frabbit or Jetpacks – each ex or of the same parish – but when it comes to noisy, fuzz-loving, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sub Pop alt-rock for turning on, de-tuning in and wigging out to, Paws are any group of their ilk’s match.

Treating American lo-fi circa 1985-1995 as if an endangered rainforest, its affectionate riff recycling galore here – from ‘Homecoming’s Pavement-esque slackerisms to the speedy Hüsker Dü-ish thrash of ‘Miss American Bookworm’. Frontman Phillip Taylor even mimics J Mascis’ atonal sung-through-a-trashcan drawl. Sticklers for originality will sneer – the rest of us will be too busy jumping about like idiots to care.

Eagulls and Paws

Hardcore meets alt.rock from this Leeds band.

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1. Fedbelly4 Nov 2012, 11:42pm Report

This album is brilliant! Lyrically intelligent, yet raw and full of young energy. Don't say you'll 'jump around like an idiot' to this and then give it 3 stars. Jumping around like an idiot is a 5 star review! They can't invent more notes!

Even the 1st side with radio friendly grunge is brilliant to my ears. Side B then takes off with really tasty thrash!
Phillip is from Tain in the Highlands. Look Tain up. Then listen to this again!

The lyrics are fantastic too. Brutally honest and heartbreaking and always positive.This is a rare album for these days.

I put it this up with Dylan's Blood On The Tracks and The Clash's debut album. And literally, I do. It is on the shelf and in the window of my record shop, VoxBox Music in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and I really think it is equal to any of the classic albums on our shelves. We should actually create a shelf called 'YES!' especially for PAWS.

They're that good.

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