Alistair Frost: Image Coming Soon (3 stars)

Alistair Frost: Image Coming Soon

Exhibition themed around leisure and laziness feels uninspiring and disaffecting

There is a leisure agenda here, activities actively postponed: ‘image coming soon’. The process of contemplation – thinking, planning, daydreaming, future presence – manifests in hammocks turned canvases. Interludes of motivational music disrupt the feeling of ‘sleepy zonked out sleepiness’. Abruptly the music stops just before one can consider rolling out of the hanging bed.

London-based Alistair Frost decorates with popular iconography while referencing the act of painting – deferring action, image and meaning. Stripes are a signature stroke and blocks of these become like flags: holding images for events, or even countries. Graffiti posters (with the striped heads of exotic zebras) reference grimy palimpsest walls layered with flyering in hot European cities.

The theme of laziness is fitting. The artist dabbles with images that hint to summer days and a slower pace of life. Yet the exhibition leaves one uninspired, with a sense of dissatisfaction which suggests that complete relaxation is always out of reach as hammocks are turned from useful objects into objets d’arts.

Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 20 Oct

Alistair Frost: Image Coming Soon

New work by gallery artist.

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