X Factor's Robbie Hance has criminal past

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  • 18 September 2012
Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack was concerned for Robbie's whereabouts

'X Factor' wannabe Robbie Hance once stole £1,500 worth of items from a friend's flat when he was struggling for money in 2009

'X Factor' wannabe Robbie Hance once stole £1,500 worth of items from a friend's flat.

The 26-year-old contestant - who has been sleeping rough in central London for around six years - wowed judges with his performance of Damien Rice's hit 'Coconut Skins' on Saturday night's (15.09.12) show but one viewer of the ITV1 programme has revealed Robbie has a criminal past.

Mischke Weinreb met the hopeful in 2008 and invited him to stay at her South London home in January 2009 when he was struggling, but weeks later he stole her flatmate's laptop, money and other items and was given a police caution.

She told The Sun newspaper: "He may be a talented musician but the truth is he is also a thief.

"It just isn't on that he is getting so much praise when he has a criminal past. People should know what he has done and be wary."

Robbie was also fined £400 for damaging property in a different incident in 2009, but an 'X Factor' spokesman admitted the contestant had told producers about his previous offences and they allowed him to continue competing on the show.

Robbie finally got in contact with 'X Factor' producers yesterday (17.09.12) after sparking concern when he went missing over the weekend, which led to fears he might be set to pull out of the competition.

Prior to Robbie contacting producers, 'Xtra Factor' host Caroline Flack revealed there was "a lot of concern" for the talent show hopeful.

She said: "There is a lot of concern for Robbie... but it's not a big massive manhunt. The producers got in touch with him last week, they did speak to him and they just couldn't get hold of him over the weekend to tell him his audition was on - so this isn't a case that he's completely gone missing, it's just a case of that they could not get hold of him.

"So it could be a case of that he just didn't have his phone or maybe he hasn't got a phone at the minute..."

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