Jorgie Porter's mother bans nipples

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  • 17 September 2012
Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter's mother banned her from flashing her nipples during steamy scenes between Teresa and Joel in 'Hollyoaks Later'

Jorgie Porter's mother banned her from flashing her nipples in 'Hollyoaks Later'.

The actress has a sex scene with Joel Dexter (Andrew Still) in the steamy spin-off from the Channel 4 soap, but her mum warned her before filming she'd not tolerate her bare breasts being seen by the nation.

Jorgie told The Sun newspaper: "I told my mum what I was going to be doing and she said, 'You do what you think is necessary but at the end of the day don't get your nipples out'! I've seen the pictures from the really rudey bits and they're quite shocking."

The actress, who plays Theresa McQueen in the show, added her elderly relatives may have to leave the room altogether when her erotic scenes are shown.

She added: "I think my grandma might need a cup of coffee at that point. We might have to take her out of the room, get her a cup and bring her back when it's finished."

Jorgie - who is dating another cast-member, James Atherton - admitted she was nervous about fliming the scenes, but rationalised it as best she could, and got through it as quickly as possible.

She added: "As we were about to start shooting, I went, 'S**t, this is a sex scene! Oh my God!'

"But at the end of the day it's not me who's doing that, that's not my real boyfriend and you just have to get over the shock and get on with it. You take your robe off, quickly get into position and just try to quickly go through the motions while being very professional.

"I didn't have anything on but Andrew had a modesty sock with a bobble on it.

"I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before, put into a sock -- that was a strange one."

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