Coronation Street's Tommy Duckworth threatens to leave

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  • 14 September 2012
Chris Fountain

'Coronation Street' star Chris Fountain

Tommy Duckworth considers leaving Tina McIntyre when he discovers she's going to be a surrogate, and actor Chris Fountain predicts troubled times ahead for the 'Coronation Street' couple

Tommy Duckworth will threaten to leave Tina McIntyre on 'Coronation Street'.

The Weatherfield hunk feels betrayed when he learns his girlfriend Tina (Michelle Keegan) has agreed to be Izzy and Gary's surrogate mother without consulting him first, and comes close to leaving her after issuing her with a difficult ultimatum.

Actor Chris Fountain - who plays heartbroken Tommy on the ITV1 soap - told soaplife magazine: "The whole situation is too much for him. Their lives are in such a mess that his girlfriend is having to have a baby for someone else. He's hurting a lot and thinks everyone would be better off if he left for good.

"He was hoping the ultimatum would change her mind but it doesn't. So, yes, he plans to go. He's at the bus stop with his bags packed when Owen finds him..."

Chris revealed that after a bitter argument, Tommy reluctantly decides to give his full support to Tina even though he wanted to be the one to have children with her.

He explained: "They'd spoken about having kids and Tina said she wasn't interested. Now all of a sudden she's going to be carrying Gary and Izzy's baby.

"Tommy doesn't want this to be happening, but Tina's always been the one for him and this hasn't changed his love for her. He promises to be by her side every step of the way."

However, the actor admitted that this is just the first hurdle in the road for the popular lovebirds and the surrogacy could lead to a break-up in the near future.

Chris mused: "I hope so. I'd be upset if they split up over this. But there's a massive strain on their relationship and it'll get worse before it gets better."

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