Outnumbered axed

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  • 13 September 2012
The Outnumbered children

The Outnumbered children

Hit comedy 'Outnumbered' has been axed by the BBC as producers don't want the series to go on too long and lose its quality

'Outnumbered' has been axed by the BBC.

The popular sitcom - which stars comedian Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as the long-suffering parents to their three children, played by Tyger Drew-Honey, Dan Roche, and Ramona Marquez - will not return for a sixth series because producers don't want it to go on too long and lose its quality.

Tyger said: "This series is the last series. Never say never, but the directors and writers have said that they don't want to do another.

"Some shows do go on too long and some of them are just making more series for the sake of it."

The award-winning show - which has been praised for its young stars' use of improvisation to create a convincing version of British family life - returns next year with a fifth series after a temporary 12 month break, as well as a Christmas special.

Tyger, 16, added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We're starting filming in November for seven weeks. The Christmas special will be Christmas Eve, probably, and series five will probably not be out until May."

Tyger - who plays Jake - also says producers decided to wait a while between the fourth series and the final series as they wanted there to be more scope for new storyines for him, Dan and Romana, who play Ben and Karen respectively.

He said: "They've purposely made a point of holding it off - with the ages that Dan (12) and Ramona (11) are now, they can take advantage of the fact that from the last time they were seen on TV to now, they've changed so much.

"If it was just six months later, it's all the same kinds of storylines. In series one, I was considered 'the old one', getting my first girlfriend, now Ben might be having a girlfriend. So they wanted to allow it enough time, so they'd have more scope for storylines."

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