The Valleys star wants to break down stereotypes

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  • 12 September 2012
Valleys cast with Ian 'H' Watkins

Cast of The Valleys with Ian 'H' Watkins

'The Valleys' star Liam Powell wants the new MTV show to help break down stereotypes surrounding sexuality and encourage more people to "come out" as gay

'The Valleys' Liam Powell wants the show to help break down stereotypes surrounding sexuality.

The new MTV reality series - which has been described as Wales' answer to 'Geordie Shore' - follows nine normal Welsh people living together as they work towards their dream jobs, and 26-year-old hunk Liam Powell is hoping he can use the programme to encourage people to "come out".

Speaking at the launch of 'The Valley's, which was presented by Steps singer Ian 'H' Watkins', in London's Soho district on Wednesday (12.09.12), the homosexual rugby player told BANG Showbiz: "Hopefully, I'll help others to come out and live their life how they should."

Liam - who aspires to be a club DJ - realises he has a wealth of opportunities on the new show and he is keen to give people the confidence to come out and "not live in the shadows of their sexuality".

Liam appears on the show alongside 19-year-old student Aron Williams, 25-year-old bricklayer Darren Chidgey and 21-year-old labourer Leeroy Reed and he accepts he is a contrast to the rest of the sex-obsessed, alpha male cast members, but he's comfortable to be the 'different' one.

He added: "The other little thing I'd like to do is out other gays, more to the point of getting rid of the troubles of coming out, and the stereotypes."

The first episode of 'The Valleys' - which also features two non-housemates, Anna Kelle and Jordan Reed, who will act as mentors for others - will air on MTV at 10pm on September 25.

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