Dannii Minogue: I'd love to be back on British TV

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  • 12 September 2012
Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue has admitted she is desperate to return to British television

Dannii Minogue wants to return to British television.

The former 'X Factor' judge is open to offers and she is ready for a new challenge.

Speaking on ITV1 show 'Lorraine' this morning (12.09.12), Dannii said: "Do you know what, I would love to be back on TV here, the support that I've had has been incredible.

"It has been such a big ride for me being invited onto a big Saturday night show and I feel like a lot of people lived that with me and I'd love to come back and do something new."

The Aussie beauty has kept in contact with her former contestants from 'The X Factor' - which she left in 2010 when she had her son Ethan with now ex-partner Kris Smith - as they were a "big part" of her life, and she is now ready for a new small screen challenge.

She explained: "I think the landscape of TV has changed incredibly in the last 12 months globally, so it's kind of like - what is going to happen next?

"And you want to do something that's really good and that you're passionate about."

Dannii, 40, was joined on 'Lorraine' by Tabitha Somerset Webb to talk about their new fashion line 'Project D' and the pair revealed that First Lady Michelle Obama is on their "wish list" to wear the line.

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