Deacon Blue - The Hipsters (4 stars)

This article is from 2012.

Deacon Blue - The Hipsters

It starts like all the best Deacon Blue records – gradually, subtly, waiting and wondering – just like Raintown, their debut, did 25 years ago. Then it eases into the melodic drive-pop that made the Glasgow band a household name. Produced by ex-Delgado Paul Savage (King Creosote, Admiral Fallow), The Hipsters feels nostalgic and resonant, from opening hymn ‘Here I Am In London Town’ to the chiming reflection of ‘Laura From Memory’ (a perfect DB album track, and that’s no faint praise: they frequently outshone the singles). Yet it breaks new ground: ‘Stars’ is a rush of celestial piano-rock; ‘Turn’ slowly flushes with covetous wrath; the harmonic echo-pop of ‘The Outsiders’ sounds like a wistful, joyous homecoming. Let’s welcome them back with open arms.

Deacon Blue - The Hipsters

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