Exposure: Azealia Banks

Exposure: Azealia Banks

The Harlem hip-hop artist with a filthy mouth and great hair hits Glasgow this month

Well done to Harlem’s Azealia Banks, who’s managed to build the foundations of an entire career with three and a half minutes of non-stop, glorious filth. We never knew swearing could get quite so eloquent until we heard last year’s ‘212’, the bass-ridden monster with a pathological aversion to radio play. Now she’s coming to Glasgow. Can she outswear the whole city?

No. No she can’t, because you know what? As those who saw the 21-year-old in the ‘probably going to be the most successful of the lot’ opening slot of this year’s NME Awards Tour date at the Academy will tell you, she actually seemed like a really nice girl, albeit one with a tendency to get over-aggressive with the lyrical put-downs. Abiding memories are of her amusing shock at the amount of people before her and a wildly unexpected cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’.

So… a lyrically bitch-slapping one-hit wonder, then?
Not if she plays it right. The ‘1991’ EP emphasised a talent for ferocious rhymes married to what sounds like speeded-up Chicago house, with more to follow on the debut album Broke With Expensive Taste next February. She’s already guest-starred with Major Lazer, Scissor Sisters, MIA and, er, Lana Del Rey on tracks, and is reportedly writing for Lady Gaga’s third album. It’s all just waiting to happen.

Anything else?
Her hair. Read her Twitter feed, it’s pages of retweets from fans and magazines saying how much they love her hair. The List would like to draw your attention to the photo above these words, of her looking like a ‘yung Rapunxel’, with typically good hair.

ABC, Glasgow, Sat 29 Sep.


Azealia Banks

Hip-hop enfant terrible with a potty mouth.

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