New club night Basement Jams aims to pick up where Monox left off

New club night Basement Jams aims to pick up where Monox left off

Jared Wilson

Resident Dan Monox is looking forward to guest slots from Jared Wilson, Madteo and Gerry Read

Long-running Glasgow techno club Monox might have ended more than 18 months ago, but the team who used to run it found it hard to stay away. ‘I didn’t miss it when it finished, believe you me,’ laughs Dan Monox, ‘but after a while I did, yeah. Besides, there have been a few good things happening in Glasgow but not so much that there wasn’t room for us to come back and put our own slant on things.’

He describes Basement Jams, the new club he’s set up alongside fellow former Monoxian Kenny Grieve (aka The Wasp), as a house and techno night, although this time it’s ‘more of a house vibe than Monox, which was always quite bangin’.’ As well as the debut party for the new night, September’s date will also be a launch party for the pair’s new label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, with a special guest set from Jared Wilson, the Detroit acid house producer behind their first 12-inch release ‘Unknown Desires’.

‘The name of the label comes from our old flat on Dixon Street,’ says Monox. ‘We had a basement there where we’d throw parties, it would always get a bit messy.’ Now the pair will have to make do with this monthly party in La Cheetah’s own basement room, with guests for the future already lining up: in October they’ll welcome Sex Tags Mania’s Madteo and in November it’s Delsin’s Gerry Read.

La Cheetah, Glasgow, Sat 22 Sep.

Jared Wilson - Unknown Desires - Dixon Avenue Basement Jams - DABJ-1201 - 2012

Basement Jams

A party from the team behind Monox and the new Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label, residents Dan Monox and The Wasp.