Techno DJ Gary Beck prepares to launch debut album

Techno DJ Gary Beck prepares to launch debut album

Bring a Friend will be launch at club nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow this month

’It’s not a bad CV to have, is it?’ laughs Glaswegian DJ and producer Gary Beck. ‘Definitely not bad. If I was to have seen it six years ago I don’t know whether I would have believed it myself.’ He’s talking to The List about the roster of labels he’s been on in his half-decade plus recording life, which includes names like Drumcode, Edit Select, Perc Trax, Saved and Richie Hawtin’s M_nus. He describes the phone call from the latter as a career high so far.

That list also, of course, includes Glasgow’s own Soma, through whom he’ll be releasing his debut album Bring a Friend this month. ‘I’ve always been a big fan of them and their history,’ says Beck, who also runs his own label Bek Audio. ‘The album’s been in my head for three years, although initially I did something that was maybe more suited to a television soundtrack, something more down-tempo. But I spoke to people who suggested I should keep it a bit techno, so I kept chopping and changing, and eventually it came together quite well as a mix of everything.’

Its release is going to be a highlight in the career of an artist who started as a DJ until he realised production was ‘the way to progress in this game’ after hearing so many big names at the Arches. The investment in time and hardware clearly paid off for Beck, because that’s here he’ll be playing himself this month.

Compakt at the Annexe at the Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Fri 21 Sep; Pressure at the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 28 Sep.


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