Merlin ‘lived in Glasgow’, claims historian

  • 28 August 2007

An amateur historian from Scotland claims the legendary wizard Merlin was from the Partick area of Glasgow - not Camelot as previously believed.

Adam Ardrey spent six year researching Merlin for his new book Finding Merlin: The Truth Behind the Legend, during which time he discovered King Arthur’s magician lived in what is now Ardery Street with his wife Gwendolin between 600 and 618 - after moving from his birth place in Lanarkshire.

It is commonly believed Merlin was an English or Welsh magician, but Ardrey believes he was actually a politician and scholar. He added that the wizard was assassinated in 618.

'Tradition has Merlin being buried just outside Stobo in the Borders at a place called Drumelzier but they have got the wrong Drumelzier. The real Drumelzier where Merlin is buried is attached to Duniplace.'

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