Rebecca Atkinson: Nan is 'mortified' at my sexy Shameless scenes

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  • 11 September 2012
Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson's grandmother is "mortified" about the actress' raunchy scenes on 'Shameless', and the brunette beauty insists she is now "too old" to be taking her clothes off on the Channel 4 comedy

Rebecca Atkinson's grandmother is "mortified" by the actress' raunchy scenes on 'Shameless'.

The 29-year-old star plays feisty Karen Jackson in the Channel 4 comedy - which tells the story of life on a fictional Manchester estate - and after spending the majority of the last nine series scantily-clad, the brunette beauty is now "too old" to be taking her clothes off onscreen, much to her relative's relief.

She said: "My nanna's just mortified about the whole thing. She doesn't know why I can't go into 'Downton Abbey' instead.

"At least now Karen's matured so it's other people's turn to get their clothes off. I'm too old to be dropping my knickers."

Despite her frequent raunchy scenes, Rebecca - who is dating co-star Ben Batt, who plays her violent ex-lover Joe Pritchard - admits her family are "really proud" of her stint on the long-running black comedy, but she still feels awkward watching some scenes back with her mum and dad.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Generally my family are really proud. But sitting down and watching the first few episodes with them was really difficult - I'd get this burning feeling in my chest and start thinking, 'I really want to get out of this room right now.'

"But once they've seen you in your bra and knickers once, it's out of the way anyway.

"I'm sure my dad's had moments when he's sat in the pub and mates have commented on me wearing very little but they take it all in their stride - apart from nanna."

The 10th series of 'Shameless' begins tomorrow night (12.09.12) at 10pm on Channel 4.

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