BINTM's Roxanne misunderstood by judges

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  • 11 September 2012
Roxanne O'Connor

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model contestant Roxanne O'Connor

Eliminated 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' contestant Roxanne O'Connor didn't take the judges' criticism to heart because she felt they didn't really know her

'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' hopeful Roxanne O'Connor feels the judges got the wrong impression of her.

The 22-year-old mother became the latest girl to be evicted from the Sky Living competition last night (10.09.12), and she thinks she was unfairly branded "moody" by the judges.

Roxanne exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think the judges got the wrong impression of me. They don't know the real me so I think that's why I didn't really take a lot of their criticism to heart.

"Some of the things they said to me I knew weren't true so maybe that's just how I came across at that moment, but I know that I'm not a moody person. I like to have fun and I'm a happy person, so I don't take it too personally!"

Roxanne - who was an early favourite to win thanks to her dramatic orange afro makeover - admitted that despite all the glamorous photoshoots, the highlight of the competition was when Elle Macpherson flew in her two-year-old daughter Kia for a surprise visit.

The striking model said: "It was brilliant. I got to spend about an hour or two with her. She's only little so she didn't really understand.

"There were too many cameras, so I think she was a bit overwhelmed by it. She really likes to watch the show now - she thinks I'm a princess!"

Although she narrowly missed out on a spot in the final five and being whisked off to Canada, Roxanne has no hard feelings towards the judges - especially her harshest critic Julien Macdonald.

She laughed:" My favourite judge was actually Julien. He's so outspoken and funny - some of the things that he says in his Welsh accent are just hilarious.

"He really is a great judge and he's the most passionate out of all of them."

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