Julian Clary wants TV show with Julie Goodyear

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  • 10 September 2012
Julian Clary

Julian Clary

'Celebrity Big Brother' winner Julian Clary would love to team up with his favourite housemate Julie Goodyear for a new TV show

Julian Clary wants a TV show with his 'Celebrity Big Brother' pal Julie Goodyear.

The 53-year-old comic - who was crowned winner of the Channel 5 reality show on Friday (07.09.12) - loves the idea of teaming up with the controversial 'Coronation Street' legend for a new comedy show, even though he admits she is a "difficult creature."

Julian told the Daily Express newspaper: "She is a difficult creature but that's what makes her so interesting. I am quite good at handling people and bringing out the best in them.

"It hurt when she left the house as there was no one left who could see things from a camp point of view with me. I was a bit lost.

"If someone offered me a Julie and Julian show? Just you try and stop me!"

The flamboyant star - who beat Coleen Nolan to first place - admitted being in the 'Big Brother' house was a troubling experience because he suffers from extreme claustrophobia and was worried about having panic attacks.

Julian explained: "I can't understand how anyone hasn't got claustrophobia. In the house you are locked in, in a lot in different ways.

"At bedtime, they put the window shutters down and then they lock the bedroom door. One day I even got very claustrophobic in the garden.

"Although it's outside you are completely closed in and it's very clear there is no way out."

The provocative comedian is pleased he was able to show a softer side to his character and was delighted with his win, having firmly believed he would be one of the first celebrities to be evicted.

He enthused: "I know it's just a TV show but winning really does mean something to me."


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