Red or Black to be axed

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  • 10 September 2012
Ant and Dec

Red or Black presenters Ant and Dec

'Red or Black' is to be axed after failing to top five million viewers on Saturday night (08.09.12) when carpenter Graham Fletch won £1.5 million, the biggest cash prize in UK TV history

'Red or Black' is to be axed.

The ITV1 gambling show only attracted just over four million on viewers on Saturday night (08.09.12) to watch carpenter Graham Fletcher win £1.5 million, the biggest cash prize in UK TV history and bosses are ready to pull the plug.

Presenters Ant and Dec are also thought be keen to leave the series and concentrate on their other shows 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me out of Here!' and 'Saturday Night Takeaway'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Ant and Dec have a huge, loyal fanbase but if a format doesn't interest people then there is only so much they can do.

"They have done two series and it still hasn't worked. They're not jumping up and down about it, but it's highly unlikely they'll make more.

"Their focus is on 'I'm A Celebrity...' and 'Saturday Night Takeaway'."

The first 'Red or Black' series - which was created by Siimon Cowell was backed by a £15 million budget - attracted around five million viewers and sparked controversy when it was discovered the first £1 million winner, Nathan Hageman, previously had a conviction for beating a woman.

Two other contestants were also booted off the show - which sees players attempt to win money in games based on 50/50 "red or black" decisions - due to their backgrounds and as a result of the issues, bosses were forced to start pre-recording the show to ensure they didn't include any controversial contestants.

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