Reggie Yates: 'Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 September 2012
Reggie Yates

Reggie Yates

'The Voice' presenter Reggie Yates admits MTV's 'Geordie Shore' is his "guilty pleasure"

Reggie Yates "loves" 'Geordie Shore'.

The 'Voice' presenter admits he has a difficult relationship with the MTV show - which tells the tale of a group of drunken Brits from the North East of England - and thinks it is "awful" but can't help but watch it.

He said: "My guilty pleasure? 'Geordie Shore'. It should be erased from the planet because it's so awful.

"I feel disgusted at myself for watching it, but I can't help it. I love it as much as I hate it."

However, he would not watch it with his family because of the sexual content of the show.

Reggie added: "If I'm watching TV with my sisters or my mum, anything sexual makes me feel incredibly awkward; you don't want to be in the room when someone's getting it on. That's weird."

Reggie feels less difficult about his relationship with mafia drama 'The Sopranos' because it taught him how to cook.

He added: "I wish 'The Sopranos' had never ended. I've started watching it from the beginning again and it's still incredible. I've learned how to make pasta properly off the back of it."

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