Barbara Windsor used to practice lines with Amy

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  • 7 September 2012
Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor used to practice her 'EastEnders' lines with Amy Winehouse as she and the late singer were very close friends

Barbara Windsor used to practice her 'EastEnders' lines with Amy Winehouse.

The 75-year-old actress used to have a close friendship with the late singer and when she was still in the BBC One soap, Amy would come round to her house and they would go through her alter-ego Peggy Mitchell's scene together.

She said: "There was always an 'EastEnders' script on the coffee table and we would read the scripts together.

"There was one really heavy scene between Peggy and Pat (Evans) where it really kicked off. I pretended to be Peggy and for the first time Amy played Pat.

"Afterwards she always insisted on playing Peggy, which was lovely. She was very good, she was a very good actress. That was one of our smashing moments. It was lovely and we always said we would never tell anyone."

Barbara says she decided to keep her friendship with Amy - who died last July aged 27 - a secret because she knew people would judge it.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I kept our friendship private even though she was often in the news. We kept it a secret. We always said our friendship would be very private because we knew what it would be like...'Friends with Barbara Windsor, what's that all about?' "

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