Linda McLean discusses her latest production, Sex & God

Linda McLean discusses her latest production, Sex & God

The play takes the form of four interlinked monologues with feminist subtexts

Religion and sex are the hot topics in Linda McLean’s latest theatrical offering, the focus of which revolves around four women, each living at different points in the 20th century. In a narrative that’s far from linear, the play begins in each era simultaneously and follows the lives and loves of the quartet, dipping in and out of their monologues to weave together their four stories.

‘Time and space are not real,’ explains McLean. ‘In the play the women exist at the same time. They talk across time and are also conscious of each other.’

The production, while harbouring no explicitly political agenda, gives a voice to women of particular periods in Scottish history whose stories have not been widely told before.

‘Once you realise you’re writing about four women, it’s hard not to make it about feminism,’ McLean continues. ‘Each woman is a different personality, partly because they are shaped by the period they live in. What emerges are issues that are the same throughout history, no matter what period you live in.’

Platform, Glasgow, 27 & 28 Sep, then touring

Sex & God

Linda McLean's new work is four monologues on religion, family and lust, telling the life stories of four women from across the 20th century. Presented by Magnetic North (Walden, Pass the Spoon).