Daphni - Jiaolong (3 stars)

Daphni - Jiaolong

Dan Snaith aka Caribou re-embraces the sweaty allure of the dancefloor

Dan Snaith of Caribou has spoken about his Daphni project as a rite of passage he was compelled to undertake to re-engage with the sweaty allure of the dancefloor. It certainly has that mystique he was hoping for. The siren-like draw of early single ‘Ye Ye’, with its unfussy 4/4 rhythm coiled around some brooding analogue swashes, has the listener quickly keening for the darkened embrace of the club.

It takes you there – to that gloomy sweatbox wrapped in rushes, bliss and anxieties. The same goes for ‘Ahora’ and closer ‘Long’, both of which have that same idiosyncratic mix of lush euphoria partnered with a looming sense of comedown. It’s not a project that needed an album but Snaith’s willingness to explore always yields returns.

Daphni - Ye Ye

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