Adrian Crowley - I See Three Birds Flying (4 stars)

Adrian Crowley - I See Three Birds Flying

War, gorgeous alt.folk from the Malta-born, Galway-raised troubadour

Autumn was made for Adrian Crowley. His sixth LP sees the Malta-born, Galway-raised troubadour further hone his gift for warm, rich, fertile psalms that hang heavy with melancholy, earthly wonder and mellow fruitfulness.

From the russet, philharmonic glow of ‘Lady Lazarus’ to the temperate swell of ‘The Saddest Song’, the album is fortified by Crowley’s peat-crackling baritone, and embellished by gorgeous instrumentation that matures as the songs progress – as evinced on the brooding, stark-rock of ‘Juliet I’m In Flames’, and the cockcrow pulse of ‘The Morning Bells’.

‘The last rays of summer have all but flown,’ Crowley croons on windblown reverie ‘At The Starlight Hotel’, but I See Three Birds Flying continues to soar, warmer than bonfires and Indian summers.

"The Saddest Song" by Adrian Crowley

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