Tracy Barlow will 'eat Ryan alive'

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  • 6 September 2012
Tracy Barlow

'Coronation Street''s Tracy Barlow

'Coronation Street' star Ryan Connor doesn't realise that Tracy Barlow is using him in her latest revenge plot and that the relationship is fake

'Coronation Street''s Tracy Barlow is going to "eat Ryan Connor alive".

The scheming brunette - played by Kate Ford - has seduced arch rival Michelle's son in order to drive the Rovers Return barmaid and her boyfriend Steve Macdonald apart, but poor Ryan doesn't realise what he's got himself into.

Sol Heras, who plays ex-drug addict Ryan on the ITV1 show, told InsideSoap magazine: "He thinks he can handle any woman! Ryan sees Tracy as a great way to pass the time, and wants to have fun with a pretty older girl.

"I don't think he has a chance, though. He doesn't have a clue. Tracy will eat Ryan alive!"

The 25-year-old actor is convinced that it's not going to end well for his character, but before it all comes crashing down viewers will see Ryan welcomed into the Barlow family by Tracy's mother Deirdre Barlow.

Sol explained: "Deirdre and Ryan become good pals. He instantly becomes very polite around her, and he's always smiling.

"She can see that he's an alright lad, even if her daughter's doing a right job of him!"

The soap star admitted that he and Kate Ford (Tracy) were petrified about shooting their intimate scenes, but soon conquered their nerves after their first kiss.

Sol said: "In rehearsal, Kate was shaking and really nervous. It made me feel worse, and I kept telling her it'd be fine.

"But after the kiss we started laughing, and had no idea in the slightest what we were worried about in the first place."

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