Elijah Wood 'jumped' at TRON: Uprising role

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  • 5 September 2012
Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood loved having the opportunity to voice a character in new Disney TV animation 'TRON: Uprising'

Elijah Wood "jumped at the chance" to voice a character in TV animation 'TRON: Uprising'.

The 'Lord of the Rings' actor - who voices character Beck in the new Disney XD show - admits he was glad when he heard the story would take place between the original 80s film and the follow-up 'TRON: Legacy', and was delighted to be part of it.

He said: " When I was approached to be a part of 'TRON: Uprising', I was super-excited at the notion of making a show that fits in between the two films, in terms of the mythology. The action of 'TRON: Uprising' takes place after the first 'TRON' movie, but before 'TRON: Legacy' and there's a lot of connective tissue between all of the storylines.

"I was really pleased when I was told we would exist between the two movies. I jumped at the chance to be part of the new project."

Elijah has been busy working on various projects including 'The Hobbit' and TV series 'Wilfred', but he admits he did not struggle to fit in the recording sessions for 'TRON: Uprising'.

He added: "It's not been too difficult to fit in the voice sessions. Whenever I had any spare time, I'd go and record a number of sessions with the TRON team. The beautiful thing about animation is the fact that it's relatively easy to get into a studio and run through a ton of material, so we'd do it at the weekend or whenever I had time off."

'TRON: Uprising' airs at 4.30pm on September 10 on Disney XD.

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