Doctor Who changed by companion

A change of companion for the Doctor in 'Doctor Who' will cause him to change who he is

Matt Smith at Asylum of the Daleks screening

Matt Smith

The Doctor will be a "different man" once he gains a new companion in 'Doctor Who'.

The show's writer Steve Moffat claims the Time Lord will change after losing sidekick Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan.

He told SFX magazine: "He becomes a slightly different man. He dresses differently."

"We're going to do the story properly of the Doctor having lost a friend. It's the story of how all that affects him."

The Doctor - played by Matt Smith - will be joined by Jenna-Louise Coleman's character Oswin Oswald, who made her debut on Saturday night's episode (01.09.12).

The return of the series gained 6.4 million viewers.

It was recently revealed Jenna-Louise - who is a foot smaller than Matt - has to stand on old phone books when filming close-up scenes with the Doctor.

A source from the show said: "It's funny that Jenna will be travelling around the galaxy in a phone box and now has to use phone books to stand on to look taller."

The 26 year-old ex-'Emmerdale' star will return to the series full-time in the Christmas episode.


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