Blur drummer admits cocaine addiction

  • 28 August 2007

Dave Rowntree has admitted that he was addicted to cocaine during Blur’s Britpop glory days. The drummer said in an interview that he had become hooked on the drug while the four-piece were at the height of their powers.

He revealed: ‘I didn’t start using regularly until the 90s, but as my tolerance increased, I used more. I managed to get help before it destroyed my life, and these days I’m active in the recovery community.

‘The key point is that, all the way along, I thought my behaviour was normal and it was the rest of the world that had gone mad. I had no idea my experience was different to anyone else’s because I had nothing to measure it against.’

It has been rumoured for some time that Rowntree intends to stand as a Labour candidate in the next election.


Seminal Britpop outfit fronted by with an enviable and eclectic backcatlogue of indie hits including 'Country House', 'Parklife', 'Song 2' and 'There's No Other Way'.


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