Shane Richie: 'Alfie will be broken by affair'

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  • 5 September 2012
Shane Richie

Shane Richie

Shane Richie claims his 'EastEnders' character Alfie Moon is about to have his heart smashed when his wife Kat reveals she is having an affair

Shane Richie's 'EastEnders' alter-ego Alfie is about to have his heart "broken in two".

The actor revealed his character unearths the devastating news of his wife Kat's affair in the London-based soap this week when her mystery man sends roses to the Queen Vic.

He said: "Alfie's expecting Kat to admit there's some bloke that fancies her, but she breaks down.

"That's when he realises this is much bigger than he thought and she finally admits she betrayed him. So you're about to see Alfie's heart break in two."

"He doesn't think she'd lie to him again, not after everything that's happened in the past couple of years."

The storyline of infidelity may not seem like an unusual one, but the cast and viewers were anticipating finding out the identity of Kat's new love, long before her on-screen husband discovered the affair.

She added: "We joke about it, because the other lads don't know who it is."

"Everyone's going mad on Twitter! When I'm out and about people shout, 'Oi Alfie! Yer missus is having it away with someone!'"

The heated episode - which airs this Thursday (06.09.12) - will see the truth come out about Kat's infidelity when she doesn't return home from a bed-sit after a naughty evening.

Shane - who is married to actress Chrissie Goddard in real life - says he doesn't blame Alfie for trusting Kat before she cheated on him for the second time.

He told InsideSoap magazine "Kat makes an excuse that she's been out with Kim and he has to believe her. In a marriage you need to believe your partner or you've got nowhere to go."

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