Review of reviews: Bloc Party's Four (with full album stream)

  • The List
  • 4 September 2012
Review of reviews: Bloc Party's Four (with full album stream)

What we said and what they said about Bloc Party's latest release

What we said:
‘It’s a pretty big surprise to hear an album that’s cohesive, adventurous and at times, crushingly heavy . . [but] familiar enough to please the faithful.’
The List

What they said:
‘Remarkably Bloc Party sound full of potential where just four years ago they sounded depleted. Indeed, Four may be 2012’s most exciting guitar album, and who would have predicted that?’

‘This combination of sounds and personalities diagnoses the band and album number four with bi-polar disorder. Let’s pray they never recover.’

'Four is clearly intentioned as a return to roots …British indie music is in a weird place, there’s no focused scene to speak of, guitar bands are niche once more and we need Bloc Party more than we ever have.‘
Drowned in Sound

Bloc Party

Post-punk politicists from London.

Alexandra Palace, London N22

Wed 24 Oct

£34.25 / 020 8365 2121

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