BINTM's Madeleine: the judges had favourites

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  • 4 September 2012
Madeleine Taga

Madeleine Taga

Evicted 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' hopeful Madeleine Taga knew she was going to leave the competition this week (03.09.12) because the judges had obvious favourites

'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' contestant Madeleine Taga thinks the judges had clear favourites.

The outspoken 20-year-old model hopeful knew she would be sent packing on last night's episode (03.09.12) of the Sky Living reality show because she felt head judge Elle Macpherson had already made up her mind and she wasn't the favourite to win.

Madeleine exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Elle wasn't really helpful. No matter what I would have done, I was going home. There was no way I was going to stay.

"When she came in the house and we were talking about all the girls left, there was one phrase she said about the judges trying to help all the girls, but at the end of the day not everybody can stay.

"Then she looked at me and gave me a sideways glance and I just knew - that's it for me, I'm going home!"

The French beauty sparked controversy amongst the girls with her honest comments and typically didn't hold back about her exit.

She wishes "crybaby" Letitia Herod had left instead of her, but thinks the judges' blatant favoritism meant less deserving girls stayed in the competition longer.

She mused: "That's the whole theory of this year. When you see those girls, you can see that the judges like them better than you so you will just have to leave anyway.

"Everybody had favourites. Appearances are very deceiving. I don't really think that Roxanne was the best girl it was just that her story was very inspiring for some people, but I don't really agree with that.

"You don't make your way in the competition just because you have a baby."

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