Grandaddy – 02 ABC, Glasgow, Thu 30 Aug (4 stars)

Grandaddy – 02 ABC, Glasgow, Thu 30 Aug

Comeback show from California lo-fi rockers suggests more good things to come

The newly reformed lo-fi indie-rock heroes Grandaddy have played their cards close to their chest so far about their immediate reunion plans, aside from a current string of tour dates. However, based on tonight’s performance, frontman/ songwriter Jason Lytle and co proved that this is not a reunion to be met with any underlying cynicism. Not enough time has elapsed in their absence to dismiss their brand of lo-fi pop as nostalgic fodder either. Instead the Californian outfit’s six-year hiatus has allowed a careful period of reflection and a newly acquired second wind this time around. Lytle takes to the stage in his trademark trucker hat and a t-shirt bearing the words 'Over the Hill' – a sense of irony and self-awareness that has been ever present throughout his music. From the opening 'El Caminos in the West' straight into slacker anthem 'Now it’s On' the guys are back in full swing. The playful tinkering of analogue synth sounds on 'AM 180' coupled with the Daniel Johnston-esque melodies on closing track 'He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot' confirm suspicions that Grandaddy may still have another creative spurt up their sleeve. With nothing to prove yet so much more to give, the guys are anything but ‘Over the Hill’.

Read our interview with Jason Lytle here too, where he talks about his upcoming solo album.

Grandaddy AM 180


The return of Jason Lytle's dreamy indie-electro outfit.